Commercial Radon Mitigation – West Hartford, Connecticut

Commercial Radon Mitigation for West Hartford, Connecticut

Commercial Radon Mitigation West Hartford ConnecticutDealing with commercial radon in your West Hartford, Connecticut commercial building won’t be a quick fix. Radon mitigation in West Hartford, Connecticut requires time, experience, and knowledge to be done correctly. Hire the right radon mitigation company the first time, and get back to work as soon as possible. Radon is found in the soil throughout the U.S., a natural element, yet radioactive and carcinogenic. It is more prevalent in the northeastern states. When it is in the soil under your West Hartford, Connecticut building, it can enter through the foundation. Even small cracks or fissures can cause a large commercial radon problem, due to the difference in air pressure between the interior and exterior of the building. This causes a vacuum effect, and radon circulates within, building up with little opportunity for ventilation.

How effective is commercial radon mitigation?

Your West Hartford, Connecticut business will be completely safe for work again once radon mitigation is complete. Radon mitigation involves equalizing the balance of air pressure in the building. The job isn’t done until indoor air quality tests at safe levels once more.

Even your trusted go-to general contractor in West Hartford, Connecticut would agree – this is a job for a specialist, a company with the latest equipment and methods and experience with radon mitigation. An unqualified contractor won’t just be ineffective; he may cause even larger problems. While your building tests for radon you will most likely be required to close, even to employees, until radon levels are reduced. Don’t increase the time you spend on radon mitigation for your business in West Hartford, Connecticut, as well as throw money at a wasted effort.

When you are ready to interview commercial radon mitigation contractors in West Hartford, Connecticut, contact our company. Review our track record, our years in the industry, and our satisfied customers’ references. We will be glad to help you get back to work as soon as possible. Contact S.W.A.T Environmental today for a radon mitigation quote!