Residential Radon Mitigation – West Hartford, Connecticut

Residential Radon Mitigation in West Hartford, Connecticut

Residential Radon Hartford ConnecticutAre you looking for a residential radon mitigation contractor in West Hartford, Connecticut? Although radon in your home is a serious issue, there is no reason to panic. Our company specializes in radon mitigation and we can restore your home’s indoor air quality to safe levels. Besides keeping your family safe in West Hartford, Connecticut, successful radon mitigation retains your home’s value for years to come.

How does radon enter a West Hartford, Connecticut home?

Radon is a natural substance found in the earth throughout the U.S., but it is more commonly found in the northeastern states. An odorless gas, radon is radioactive, and known to cause cancer. When a home’s foundation or basement has cracks or fissures (as all homes eventually do), if it is present in the surrounding soil, it can enter the home. Unequal pressure between indoors and outdoors results in a vacuum that causes your home to suck the gas into the air, becoming trapped indoors to circulate.

Test for residential radon two ways in West Hartford, Connecticut.

The most common entry point for residential radon into a home is through the earth, but radon can also enter a home via the water supply. If your West Hartford, Connecticut home uses well water, have it tested for radon by a qualified radon mitigation specialist, even if your indoor air quality tested at safe levels. Radon can be carried into the home through the underground water table, exposing your family to it with every turn of the tap.

In West Hartford, Connecticut, a qualified mitigation contractor uses EPA-approved specialized tests, is experienced and certified in installation, and has the wisdom that comes with many years in the industry to perform a satisfactory job in your home. Contact our company when you need residential radon mitigation in West Hartford, Connecticut.