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Thursday, February 7, 2013 @ 03:02 PM
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Radon Mitigation in Schools Near Hartford, CT

Radon Mitigation in Schools in HartfordRecently, all you hear about in the news is gun control laws and their threat to schools. No matter what side of the fence you stand on, we can all agree that our children’s safety is one of the most important things in our nation. We all know and understand that the children of Hartford, CT need safer schools. Unfortunately, health is a major concern as of recently due to recent discovers of the threat of radon gas and its levels in our Hartford public schools.

According to studies, 70,000 schools have at least one classroom with high levels of radon gas. If we want to protect our schools, we need to ensure they have been tested for radon, and the appropriate mitigation system is installed to reduce the levels of radon. These statistics equate to roughly one out of five schools in Hartford, CT having high levels of radon gas.

Where Radon Mitigation in Schools is Needed

Radon gas forms from the soil beneath buildings. The naturally occurring uranium in the soil breaks down creating this cancer causing gas. One out of seven lung cancer cases are actually caused by radon gas, meaning that if you know someone who has been diagnosed with lung cancer, there is a good chance that radon gas is actually the cause.

Radon mitigation in schools is the only for sure thing we can do to reduce the levels of radon gas throughout our schools. Hartford, CT citizens should be hopeful, as recently a congressman from Iowa has proposed a bill which would provide grant funding for radon testing for all schools. Radon testing is important, because radon gas can only be found through testing as it is both odorless and colorless. In addition, to funding for testing, grant funding will also be provided radon mitigation in schools. This will ensure that we find all schools in Hartford, CT which have high levels of radon gas, and that we remove the radon gas from all of these schools as quickly as possible. We will also not be interfering with our children’s education, as this grant funding will be in addition to the current education budget.

If we truly want to protect the kids in Hartford, CT, we all need to take a stand and write our local politicians to make a grass roots movement for radon mitigation in schools. If we do not advocate the dangers of radon gas, then who will? Radon is still relatively new to the main stream public, meaning that not everyone is aware of the dangers it causes, or how harmful it is. Not everyone is aware of its threat level, or aware of how many schools in Hartford, CT are actually in danger. By citing these statistics, and writing our politicians, we can make a difference and get a bill to be passed to require radon mitigation in schools