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Is Your West Hartford, Connecticut Business Safe From Vapor Intrusion?

Vapor Intrusion West Hartford ConnecticutWhen you own a business in West Hartford, Connecticut, you are responsible for a great many things, from getting the payroll done on time to making sure you have enough materials on hand to run your operations. As a business owner, you are also responsible for the health and safety of the workers you employ. If you fail to keep those workers safe, you could face serious civil and even criminal penalties, even if you were unaware of the threat when the damage took place.

That is why so many West Hartford, Connecticut business owners are having their factories, offices, warehouses and other commercial buildings tested for vapor intrusion. If you are familiar with the radon problem afflicting many homeowners, you already have a basic understanding of what vapor intrusion is and what makes it so dangerous. Like radon, vapor intrusion can seep into West Hartford, Connecticut buildings through contaminated soil and groundwater. But unlike radon, vapor intrusion includes a number of gasses, including volatile organic compounds that can cause cancer, petroleum hydrocarbons and other contaminants commonly found in the soil, particularly around commercial sites.

Testing For Vapor Intrusion is Not Enough

You may think that you are safe from vapor intrusion if you had your West Hartford, Connecticut facility tested before you began building, but that may not be the case. While it is always important to have the soil and groundwater tested prior to any building project, that testing is not necessarily enough to protect you from vapor intrusion. That is because the petroleum distillates, hydrocarbons and volatile organic compounds in the soil can migrate over time. As time goes by, those dangerous chemicals can make their way through the contaminated groundwater and soil, slowly finding their way into your building and causing serious health problems for your workers. These chemicals can cause everything from strange rashes and coughs to serious breathing problems and even cancer. If you fail to take the proper precautions and have your West Hartford, Connecticut commercial facilities tested, you are putting yourself, your workers and your very business at risk.

Fortunately, testing for vapor intrusion is not as complicated or as time consuming as you might imagine. The key to success is hiring a company that has specific experience fixing vapor intrusion problems in the West Hartford, Connecticut area. Every part of the country has a specific set of problems when it comes to vapor intrusion and similar contamination, so it is important to hire an expert who has the specific experience you need in the West Hartford, Connecticut area.

Once you have found a qualified vapor intrusion company in the West Hartford, Connecticut area, that company will travel to your commercial sites and perform thorough tests of the groundwater and soil. Those groundwater and soil samples will be thoroughly tested for the presence of VOCs, petroleum hydrocarbons and other hazardous chemicals. If a problem is found, the vapor intrusion company will work with you on a plan to rid your West Hartford, Connecticut facilities of this contamination so you can get back to business and protect your workers.

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West Hartford, Connecticut Radon MitigationAre you aware of the huge health risks high levels of Connecticut radon presents to you and your family? If you live in Hartford, Connecticut chances are you do everything you can to protect your home and your family. As a proud homeowner and resident of West Hartford and surrounding areas, you look for ways to make your home and your neighborhood more beautiful and more appealing. But you may be neglecting the safety of your home and your family without even knowing it. Many residents of Hartford County and surrounding areas do not realize that Connecticut radon is a problem in their communities, but this colorless and odorless gas is in fact a big health risk.

Connecticut Radon is a Huge Risk to West Hartford Residents

In fact, residents of Hartford, Connecticut areas find that Connecticut radon gas contamination is second only to smoking in terms of lung cancer risk. Residents who have never smoked a day in their lives could still develop lung cancer if their homes have high concentrations of radon gas. And it is possible to have high levels of gas and not even know it. Radon has no smell, and you cannot see it entering your home. Radon can enter homes in West Hartford and surrounding areas through tiny cracks in the foundations of homes, or through cracks in the surrounding bedrock. Connecticut radon can also enter the home through the ground water or a well, or through the pipes used to carry that water into the home.

The only way to truly know whether your home is at risk is to have it tested. There are a number of Connecticut radon testing companies doing business in Hartford County and surrounding areas, and those companies are your first line of defense as a homeowner and as a concerned resident. Once you contract with one of these Connecticut radon testing companies, you can work with that company to find high levels of radon in your home.

Have Your Home Tested for High Levels of Connecticut Radon

If your home tests negative for high levels of radon, you can rest assured that you and your family have nothing to worry about. But if your home tests positive for radon contamination, you can nip any health problems in the bud by having that radon problem fixed. A good radon testing company from Hartford, Connecticut will be able to determine where all that radon is coming from. Once they have determined the source of the radon contamination, they can work to eliminate it through various proven methods. Finding a radon problem early and dealing with it effectively can protect you and your family from the long-term impact of Connecticut radon exposure.

The sooner you find out about a Connecticut radon problem, the better. The longer you wait the more health risks you take. So whether you suspect a problem with radon contamination or not, check out the companies doing business in West Hartford and surrounding areas. Contact those companies today and ask about Connecticut radon testing and remediation services, you and your family will be glad you did.