Waterborne Radon Reduction – West Hartford, Connecticut

Waterborne Radon Reduction for West Hartford, Connecticut

Waterborne Radon West Hartford ConnecticutRadon is a radioactive gas, known to cause cancer, and sometimes found in the average American home. If your home in West Hartford, Connecticut uses ground source well water, radon could be carried indoors right through the tap. Please consult our company if your home in West Hartford, Connecticut needs a waterborne radon reduction specialist.

Radon most commonly enters a home through cracks in the foundation or basement. Radon is a natural element in the soil, occurring throughout the U.S., but more concentrated in the northeastern states. If your home uses well water, radon could enter this way too, even if your indoor air quality tests at safe levels for radon.

Testing for waterborne radon in West Hartford, Connecticut

Effective waterborne radon reduction in your West Hartford, Connecticut home begins with the right tests. Only a few, specific tests are EPA-approved as accurate. In addition, tests for other impurities are necessary – iron for instance, can adversely affect a radon reduction system, and must be pretreated. The level of radon in the water will help determine what type of system is best, as well. In short, don’t skimp on the tests for your West Hartford, Connecticut home.

Once the tests are performed, a radon mitigation specialist can accurately decide which system is best for the job. The size of the system will depend on the water flow in your West Hartford, Connecticut home. A contractor must be skilled in plumbing and electrical systems to help you find which location is optimal related to those aspects, along with the layout of the home.

Keep in mind that the most effective waterborne radon reduction company in West Hartford, Connecticut may take a little more time to do the job right. When you’re dealing with radon in your tap, a quick fix of a fizzy tablet in the glass isn’t the best idea. You need a company with years in the industry and the latest equipment for handling the task. Please contact us if you find you need waterborne radon reduction services in West Hartford, Connecticut.